Hi There!

I am Yougan Naidoo, UX/UI Designer

Why am I a Designer?

Ever since I was young, I wanted to create because I was always inspired by imaginative adventure and sci-fi films, video games and cartoons. I was also fascinated by how things worked and why they worked in such a way.

Fast forward a number of years and my passion to create is still ever present!  My design philosophies have grown and my pursuit is now focused more on my impact to others in the best way possible.

This makes me hungry and as a result I have accumulated experience in various design fields and leadership roles, which I bring with full attention into UX/UI design.

I am also a little OCD, so my attention to detail and to achieve a high standard is within my programming. I see this is a major strength of mine in what I do and how to utilise this mental proficiency in every task along the design process.

What's my balance?

 I really do enjoy the simple things in life like pizza, deejaying, watching movies, dancing and making music with a bass beat. More importantly I like to get back to nature with camping and get back to myself with practicing meditation.

I cannot wait …

To travel more and really cannot wait for self-driving cars to be mainstream…just imagine!



Adobe Creative Suite

Axure RP


3D Studio Max


Bach. of Industrial Design (Honors) UTS

Grad. Certificate in UX & Web Development  Billy Blue College of Design


UX/UI Designer

Design Team Lead

Industrial Designer

Exhibition Designer



Like a Transformer,
there's more to me than meets the eye, so . . .